Children of the Fall: Community Content

Once you have a few games under your belt and you have a good understanding of how the game and its mechanisms work, you may be inspired to create some unique content of your own. The game’s engine has been designed from the ground up to be robust and versatile, so creating custom content for it is an uncomplicated process.

There are 2 different types of unique content you can create for Children of the Fall: character playbooks and missions.

Creating a unique mission is the more straightforward of the 2: once you have a concept for the types of stories that you want your mission framework to inspire, come up with 4-8 unique questions and write them up on a blank mission sheet. That’s really all there is to it. The types of questions that you ask is the most important factor. Avoid asking simple yes or no questions. Ask the what, why and how questions. The questions you come up with shouldn’t be too prescriptive – give your players (and anyone else who may play the mission) some room to explore and interpret the questions as they choose. Keeping the questions loose also helps to eliminate the potential that certain answers may make later questions invalid.

Creating character playbooks follows a similar process. First, come up with a core concept for the type of character that you want to play – and come up with a name for that character type. A simple one or two word descriptor should work fine.

Once you’ve named your character playbook, spend some time working on a list of 4-8 questions that will flesh out that character’s backstory, how they feel about their role in the tribe and how they feel about the fall in general. As with the Mission questions, aim to keep these vague enough to allow as much creativity and freedom as possible. Once you’ve come up with a list of your character’s unique questions and written them up on a blank character playbook, the last thing to do is to come up with 3 unique downfalls for that character. Think about the types of things that this character feels strongly about. What drives them? What is important to them? What do they hold dear? And then take those concepts and create downfalls that play into them. These should be progressively more serious (the third and final Downfall is often “Death/Suffer the Fall”). A few of these should also be open to interpretation – so the players can take their downfall and incorporate it into their narrative in unique and interesting ways.

Once you’ve filled in your Downfalls then your character is complete and ready to play.

Take your missions and characters out for a spin, and feel free to tweak and modify them once you have played them and identified ways they could be potentially improved.

Share any Children of the Fall content you are particularly proud of online using the #cotfrpg hashtag. We love seeing what you come up with.