The sun has died.

The world will soon follow.

Chaos is rife, time is short and business is unfinished.

The game requires 3 or 4 players and a six-sided die.

The players each play a member of a nuclear family, each with dark, unfinished business in their past that needs to be resolved before it’s too late.

Perhaps they seek revenge in a world free of consequences? Or absolution before the end?

Discuss tone and triggers as a group before play.

Use an X card.

Take turns around the table to frame a scene which establishes your unfinished business – highlight an important moment that lends gravitas to the situation.

When it’s your turn you play your character. The other players play their character or an NPC (depending on the scene).

Then everyone takes a turn framing a scene where we see the unfinished business being addressed.

Right before the resolution, roll 1d6.

1: Death

2-3: Fail catastrophically

4-5: Succeed with a consequence

6: Succeed

Interpret your result and roleplay out the end of your scene. Once all players have framed their two scenes, each player gets to contribute one phrase describing how the world ends.